Report Banded-Bird Sightings. Sightings of banded birds are easily reportable on the following USGS website page (easy to remember if you remember it is a .gov) at

Illinois Young Birders.  Field trips and other birding events for birders of age 9 to 18. See

Help for Injured Birds:

  •  Chicago Bird Collision Monitors –  This organization monitors the downtown Chicago area daily during fall and spring migration to collect injured and dead migratory birds, usually injured from flying into windows.  If you find a bird sitting or lying on the ground, it likely needs medical help.  Call the Monitors’ hotline (773) 988-1867 to get help for the bird.  For more information about the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors and how you can volunteer, visit their website:
  • Willowbrook Wildlife Center – This center is an education and wildlife rehabilitation center operated by the DuPage County Forest Preserve District.  They provide rehabilitative care for native and migrant wildlife.  Call (630) 942-6200 if you need help with an injured animal.  Their website is
  • Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation – (847) 842-8000

Illinois Ornithological Society:  IOS is another recreational and education birding organization. You can find calendar of Illinois birding events on their website

Chicago Region Birding Trail – birding-site guide

Checklist of Chicago Area Birds – download (pdf)

IBET – Illinois bird-sightings list service

Illinois Birders’ Forum – reports, discussions, etc.